Know us better!

We are craftsmen

We are craftsmen who deal with graceful matter, which is wood and the demanding one, which is steel. Beauty and strength, nature and culture. Our furniture connects two worlds in harmony, building durable and eye-catching objects.

We seek proportions

We seek proportions by referring to bionics, and the inspiration for us is a tree - a symbol of everlasting nature. Like oak, associated with strength and nobility. Scandinavian ash Yggdrasil - a tree that supports the universe. Nut tree - spiritual wisdom and fertility.

Our first idea

Our first idea was a table. The central place of every home. The basis of its life, that's why we wanted it to be like a tree. Strong and stable. Durable, because it is made of the best materials. Providing not only longevity, but also the wild pleasure of communing with the noble material.

We start with lines

We start with lines, geometric simplifications of shapes observed in nature. We work with the best quality Polish wood. We give it form and provide a base of stainless steel. Massive and strong, like a branch of a tree. As a result, we create furniture that will not leave anyone indifferent. They attract attention in every space and are its strong accent.

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